Experts in effective brand activation services to help you bring your products and services to life.

At Mass One we produce brand activation not just to raise awareness but to raise emotions that make your customers want to connect with your brand.

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, we are one of the top brand activation companies in Sri Lanka who had the privilege to work with many major brands in Sri Lanka including in branding their activation efforts a success.

With our experience working with different companies of all sizes over the years, we know the best practices and strategies that work with all most any industry. Thus, we do what we do, with a clear idea of the outcome assuring you the best ROI for every Rupee spent.

At Mass One we believe that brand activation is more than just launching a campaign seeking engagement. To us, it?s more about creating unique and powerful experiences around the products and services that customers really feel.

Focusing on inspiring trust and loyalty and building a long-term emotional connection, we will deliver you a smooth brand activation plan and execution from start to finish. All our campaigns are creative enough to grab the attention of your target market, unique enough to be memorable and strategic enough to drive you the engagement and the results you are after.

Known for outstanding brand activation solutions, flawless executions and punctuality, our team will develop the perfect solution catering to your target markets mindset and behaviors.

We are one of the leading brand activation companies in Sri Lanka who has resources, technology and an island-wide network to produce and launch effective brand activation from northern Sri Lanka to southern Sri Lanka.

Give us a call today if you really want your next launch to take off.