Captivate your audience with the right message delivered in the right way. Having your message created to resonate with your local market is a tall order you must get right. Because your marketing material is your best chance to speak and connect with your target market.

At Mass One, we design and produce an extensive range of marketing materials rich in quality, creativity and strategy to engrave your brand message in your target market?s mind. It?s our focus on finding efficient ways to produce quality and effective marketing materials and save you money is what sets us apart from the other branding agencies in Sri Lanka.

We always make sure to cater your branding efforts to new trends and technology regardless of the media channel you are using. Because we believe that it?s essential in order to get effective results with your campaigns in the ever-changing marketing landscape of Sri Lanka.

  • Our marketing production services include
  • Graphic design
  • Layout
  • Storyboards, visuals
  • Illustration
  • Copy writing / editing / proofreading / translation
  • Corporate identity, branding
  • Corporate communications
  • Photography / styling
  • Material distribution – TV / print / digital
  • Legal and local authority clearances
  • Creative art working
  • Color profiling/reproduction
  • Print buying/press checking
  • Marketing video production
  • CGI – image creation / manipulation
  • CGI – 3D modelling / animation
  • Casting
  • Location scouting
  • Music sourcing
  • Sound design & engineering
  • Localization of song lyrics
  • Corporate videos, research & development

With a team of creative minds who know the marketing landscape well, we deliver you an end-to-end marketing production solution starting from designing and development, execution and reporting.

All our production ideas are creative, timely, fresh and help you stand out, grab the prospect?s attention and be memorable.

Regardless of the objective, type of the campaign and the marketing channel you are using, we?ll produce effective marketing materials to make them sizzle and grab the attention of your prospects.